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Almost every organization and office has a lot of backend work to be done on a regular basis. Due to this, there is the availability of office boy jobs in India. Office boys are required to complete a variety of simple everyday tasks and errands. Some of them include filing documents, receiving phone calls, office cleaning and maintenance, keeping track of the stores, stationery and other essential items. The duties of an office boy differ from office to office and industry to industry.

The job of an office boy is very important for the smooth functioning of an office. However, it is sometimes easy to overlook the importance of the role. There are no fixed education qualifications required for an office boy job. Nevertheless, an intermediate or a degree certificate may help in increasing a person's chances of qualifying for the role. An office boy might also have to get employees tea, coffee, juices and so on. Office boys are required in all industries and sectors. This includes IT, retail, healthcare, hospitality, real estate, and media among others. Office boy jobs for freshers as well as experienced personnel are in demand.

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