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About Myriapods:

Myriapoda is a group (subphylum) of arthropods (which also includes insects, arachnids and crustaceans) containing millipedes, centipedes, and others. The group has 13,000 known species, all of which are terrestrial (land dwellers). Although their name suggests they have myriad (10,000) legs, myriapods range from having over 750 in some species to others having fewer than ten legs. Around 15 species of millipedes are known to occur locally. The most common home encounter is the Common Millipede Pachyiulus flavipes Ħanex tal-Indewwa/Tad-Djar, which is found in most local establishments where a high level of humidity persists. They can be handled, and are quite docile and slow moving. This species, like most, has two main modes of defense used by its members if they feel threatened: curling into a tight spiral exposing only the hard exoskeleton, and secretion of an irritating liquid from pores in their body wall. 

What We Do:

Put your mind at rest when you‘re at home with your family and friends and don’t let any uninvited guest join in the party! We are dedicated to provide our esteemed clients with an extensive analysis and protection against all kind of pests commonly found in residential property, both indoors and outdoors. Our assessment and protection implementation will be followed by practical tips of how one can help making his property unattractive for pests.

Prevention Techniques:

  • Sanitation: The key to managing all pests is sanitation.
  • Inspection: Just as sanitation is the key to successful filth pest management, inspection is the key to sanitation. To eliminate breeding sites, one must first locate the attracting material.
  • Exclusion: Another important step in pest management is to exclude them from the premises. This is done by keeping doors, windows and vents closed, as much is practical, and by screening and sealing around these and other entry points.

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